Feral Animal Control Gold Coast

Foxes can be a real concern for many people on the Gold Coast

If you’ve lived on the Gold Coast for a while, no doubt you’ve come across the odd feral animal or two. Sure we’ve all seen cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents etc but I’m talking about the increasing problems home owners are having with feral pest such as;

wild dogs
feral cats
pigeons (yeah the old roof rat of the sky!)
bees and wasps
brush turkeys
feral pigs
possums (you do not want to know what they doing up there in your roof void!)

Are you dealing with feral animals that are living on or impacting your property right now?, If so you are best advised not to try and deal with the problems yourself. You should locate a professional feral animal control specialist as they have experience with all the top 10 pests on the Gold Coast as well as the following more exotic “ferals”.

deer (yes, right here on the Gold Coast!)
rabbits and hares
pied butcher birds
turtle doves