Building and Pest

If you are purchasing a new property, it is wise to seek expert pre-purchase building and pest inspections. Taking the time to have these inspections done can save you a great deal of money and frustration. It is a good idea to ask for these inspections even if you are just renting the property. You don’t want to move into a new place only to find the roof leaks or it’s filled with vermin or insects. Building and pest inspections can find these types of problems so they may be treated or repaired before you move in or complete the property purchase.

These types of inspections are performed by trained professionals who know what to look for and how to determine if there are any problems. It can be difficult for a regular person to discover these types of issues, especially if the seller or landlord has tried to cover them up. Hiring an independent inspector helps ensure you are getting an unbiased evaluation of the home. Building and pest inspectors look for many things.

pre-purchase builsing and pest inspectionsOne of the first things a building inspector will evaluate is the roof. They will look fo signs of water damage or mold growth because these may be indications of a leak in the roof. They will inspect the entire roof looking for loose or damaged shingles or tiles. If the roof is metal, they will look for gaps in the seams or buckle in the metal. The inspector will also look for proper drainage and check all the gutters.

The building inspector will evaluate all the electrical components and the structure of the building. They will look for frayed wires or improperly connected electrical fixtures. They will examine both the interior and exterior walls and will check the foundation for cracks or leaks.

The building inspector will also check the attic for signs of vermin or insect infestation. They will look for proper insulation and ensure there are no leaks or fumes. They will look at all attic fans and ventilation systems to ensure they are all operating properly.

A pest inspector will perform a complete inspection on the property looking for any signs of infestations or damage from insects or vermin. It is difficult to determine the presence of pests with just the naked eye. These creatures are usually very small and well-hidden. They are usually present in areas of the home that cannot be easily accessed and often don’t come out until it is completely dark. A good pest inspector knows exactly where to look for the presence of pests and how to determine if there has been any damage to the property such as termite damage which can weaken the property’s structural integrity. If the inspector does find evidence of pest infestation, they can work wth the homeowner to treat the problem and eliminate the pests. They can also provide recommendations on the types of repairs which may be necessary if there is damage from a pest infestation.

Requesting pre-purchase building and pest inspections is a good idea, especially if the building is not new or has been previously occupied. These inspectors are trained to identify all structural issues and determine if there is any damage from pests that needs to be repaired.