Building and Pest Inspections

If you are thinking of buying a property, you need to be aware of the importance of building and pest inspections. Many potential buyers do not understand how important these inspections are and face serious problems after they purchase the property. These problems could end up costing your thousands to fix.

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What Are Building And Pest Inspections?

Building and pest inspections are surveys which need to be carried out before you buy a property. The building inspection will examine all of the accessible parts of the property. This will include the interior and the exterior of the building. The survey checks that the building is structurally sound and that there are no major renovation projects that will need to be carried out.

As the name suggests, a pest inspection will check the building for any pests which could cause harm to the people living there or to the building structure. The survey will look for termite infestations which weaken the structure and for other pest infestations which will need to be dealt with before you can move in.

The Inspections Available

When you hire a Gold Coast building and pest inspections professional like TPC Property Services or Home Inspect QLD to complete these inspections you need to read the fine print of the contract. There are many different types of inspections from very basic tick-the-box inspections to in-depth narratives and 20-page reports. Of course, the more in-depth the inspection the more it will cost. It is recommended that you ask for sample reports from any inspectors that you are considering to see what they will provide and whether their inspection style suits you needs.

What Inspections Can Tell You

The importance of these inspections comes in the reports that are provided to you. They could make or break the sale of property and help you determine whether or not you are paying the right price. Many people consider building inspections to be more important than pest inspections, but they can both highlight major problems with a property.

The building inspection report will tell you about minor and major problems with the building. While most properties will have some building faults, there are some issues that are more important than others. The report you receive should highlight major problems such as unhealthy mold, poor wiring or major water penetration. All of these problems will be hard to fix and should stall your purchase of the property.

The pest inspection report should tell you about any pest infestations found and highlight areas which could cause potential pest infestations. The major problems the report should highlight include termite infestations because this will weaken internal and external structures. The report should also state whether there has been pest problems in the past as this could be a recurring problem.

It is very important that you have a building and pest inspection carried out before you purchase a property. These inspections could stop you from buying a property with a history of pest control problems or major structural issues which will cost a lot to fix.